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LEO 310 Everyday Business Ethics: Moral Decisions and Immoral Conduct in the Course of Business (3 credits)

Everyday business ethics uses real-time reporting of current events by credible media as the vehicle to help students connect the language of moral reasoning and business ethics to emerging ethical issues in the world of business, organizations, and leadership. The course will review the major theoretical basis for moral reasoning, e.g., deontological ethics, utilitarian ethics, and ethical relativism. A discussion of source credibility will also precede the second (main) portion of the course. Students will keep abreast of current events via daily reading of various media outlets. Students will be expected to (a) identify ethical issues, controversial decisions, and unethical conduct reported by journalists; (b) analyze the stakeholders and ethical issues identified in news reporting, and (c) identify potential resolutions or recommendations for action that might be taken by individuals involved in the decisions. The course will culminate in a research paper by each member of the class on a current business ethics issue of interest.

Prerequisites: HSB students: MGT 110 or MGT 120 or MGT 121; LEO 210 (or Permission of Chair); CAS students: Permission of Chair.