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LIN 150 First-Year Seminar in Linguistics (3 credits)

Topics will vary.

Language, Linguistics and the Real World is a first-year seminar. It is of particular interest and benefit to students pursuing various specialties including, but not limited to, Second Language Studies; English; Communication Studies; Speech Therapy; Autism Studies; certain specialties within Education, Sociology and Psychology; and Linguistics. This course is geared toward helping students become consciously aware of the role of language in their daily lives (i.e., in the "Real World"). They will be taught to recognize linguistic features of language(s) and will explore current research findings in linguistics. They will also be encouraged to be "linguists" themselves in the sense that they will document and analyze language-related issues commonly found in daily communicative interactions. The course is divided into six sections: (1) Language & Linguistics; (2) Language & Translation; (3) Language & Acquisition; (4) Language & Cultural Change; (5) Language, Power & Identity; and (6) Language & Communication. It fulfills the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GEP and counts toward the Linguistics minor.

Language, Communication and Culture is a first-year seminar that explores the interaction among language, communication, and culture. Communication can potentially be facilitated through the recognition of similar cultural or linguistic practices as well as impeded by a lack of awareness of differences in usage from one language—or even one dialect of a language—to another. In this course, we will discuss communicative behaviors from around the world to highlight both similarities and differences that exist in human language and examine the ways in which these present us with ‘rich points’ for learning (Agar 1996). This course fulfills the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GEP and counts toward the Linguistics minor.