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LIN 317 Sociolinguistics (3 credits)

This course focuses on the use of language within its social context. In this course, we will gain an appreciation for the diversity that exists in human language and for the communicative values inherent in every language variety; scrutinize assumptions about linguistic identity and difference; examine issues of subordination and privilege in our own and others’ lives as related to issues of language; explore the relevance of social categories (e.g., class, age, gender, ethnicity, other social groups) as related to language variation; explore how sociolinguistic research informs policy decisions in classrooms and government legislation; and become familiar with data-collection and research methodologies used to investigate specific topics within the field of sociolinguistics. This class counts toward the minor in Linguistics, the GER/GEP Social Science and the GEP Diversity requirements. It also counts for a Sociology major/minor. See SOC 317.