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M.A. in Biology

Course requirements

Degree candidates for the Master of Arts Degree in Biology will be required to complete 32 credit hours of graduate study in biology. A minimum of two semesters of seminar must be taken, with a maximum of 4 credit hours counting toward the degree. Students must take Research Techniques (BIO 550) and at least one each from two of the three broad categories of cellular/subcellular, organismal, and superorganismal.

Other specific requirements

  1. The candidate for the M.A. degree in Biology must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or above to remain in the program.
  2. Successful completion of all requirements must be accomplished within a maximum of 5 years from the time of acceptance to the program.
  3. All of the requirements described in this document represent minimum requirements, and it is understood that the Graduate Committee may require additional work to make up for deficiencies in the student’s background.