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*Management Major not available for incoming class 2011 and forward

Professors: DiAngelo, McCall, Porth, Rashford, S.J., Simmers (Chair)

Associate Professors: Dufresne,Mauri, McDevitt, Robson, Steingard

Assistant Professors: Balotsky, Ford, Kury, Neiva, Patton, Saparito, Swift, Weidner

Visiting Instructors: Alleruzzo, Nelson


The business environment is a complex and dynamic system, demanding a variety of approaches encompassing diversified fields of knowledge. Such an eclectic combination of interests requires a commonality of goal to maintain a cohesive identity. In the Department of Management this uniform goal is remarkably simple: to provide the base of theory and principles that can be systematically applied in a variety of settings to effect successful administration.

Students completing the Management major complete three common required courses and three elective courses; a student’s choices of elective courses can be used to complete one of three tracks within the Management major: General Management, Entrepreneurial Management, and Global Management.

The Management major is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in modern organizations. Management is approached as a professional career that embodies a real knowledge and concern for the ethical, human, and global aspects of organizations, and emphasizes a thorough grounding in a broad common body of knowledge as the basis for making sound decisions and meeting future challenges. The curriculum explicitly focuses on developing communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. In addition, Management majors are encouraged to complete an internship (or other out-of-classroom learning opportunity) to develop insight and experience in the real world of business. Equipped with the intellectual tools and practical experience necessary to diagnose and resolve organizational challenges, and with effective communication skills, Saint Joseph’s Management students will be ready to excel in a wide variety of business settings.