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Managing Human Capital

Professors: Simmers (Chair)

Associate Professors:

Assistant Professors: Ford, Patton,,

Visiting Instructors;

Alleruzzo, Nelson


Students completing these programs will:

1) Solidify their appreciation of the individual as stakeholder

2) Become thoughtful managers who understand and value the human being

3) Have a pathway for students with an interest in careers in HR or Talent Management.

In the business world, it is not uncommon to hear the statement: "People are our most important asset." At Saint Joseph’s, we believe this wholeheartedly. With internationalization and the global search for talent, technological advances that have altered how people work, and demographic changes that have created a more diverse workforce than ever before, the challenges of managing human capital have never been more daunting.

The goal of our Managing Human Capital program is to develop managers who lead human capital-centric/high-involvement organizations. In addition to simply attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent, creating a human-capital centric organization involves organizing and managing people so that they perform in ways that lead to excellent organizational performance.

Beyond strategic and organizational performance returns, however, managing human capital is strongly aligned with the Jesuit mission of Saint Joseph’s University. The Haub School of Business in general and the Management & International Business department in particular have always emphasized a stakeholder approach to business. The Managing Human Capital major and minor will be devoted to one of the most important stakeholder groups of all: the people of the organization.