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Master of Science in Long-Term Care Administration

Nakia Henderson, M.S., H.Ed/H.A. Graduate Director, Department of Health Services

110 Post Hall, 610- 660-2952,

Program Description

The Master of Science in Long-Term Care Administration is designed to meet the needs of individuals interested in advancing their careers in the growing field of services and facilities targeting the needs of the elderly. The Long-Term Care program is a cross disciplinary program with courses from the Health Services Department and the Gerontology program. It offers students an opportunity to prepare for careers in areas including nursing homes, senior centers, offices on aging, adult day care centers, continuing care retirement communities, and other public and private organizations which service seniors. The program requires completion of 48 credits, as follows:

Core Component (9 required):

HAD 558

Health Administration

HAD 553

Health Care Organization

HAD 560

Health Care Informatics

HAD 600

Ethics of Health Care

GRG 550-560

Proseminar in Gerontology I and II (4600-4015)

GRG 570

Delivery of Human Services to the Older Person

GRG 605

Long-Term Care Administration

GRG 580

Research Methods and Analysis

Administration Component (3 required):

HAD 557

Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing

HAD 554

Health Care Law

HAD 555

Accounting for Health Care Organizations

HSV 551

Managed Health Care (HAD 4765)

HAD 556

Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

Gerontology Component (3 required):

GRG 610

Clinical Pathology

GRG/HED 4625

Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability*

GRG 791-792

Advanced Internship (4905-4915)

Research Component (1 required):

GRG 795

Advanced Research Seminar in Gerontology