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MGT 551 Empowering Human Potential At Work (3 credits)

This course focuses on an organization’s most salient resource—its human capital. It investigates the foundation of, and strategies for, empowering organizational members to manage organizational transformation processes in a national and global environment. Empowering human potential requires an understanding of how to manage one’s self, other individuals, and groups effectively, creatively, legally, and ethically in work organizations. Done well, empowered workers can help to achieve both personal and organizational objectives. To accomplish this goal, the course investigates strategies for enhancing individual performance (e.g., perceptions and motivation) and facilitating interpersonal processes (e.g., leadership and power). We will also explore ways of managing human resource issues (e.g., recruitment, selection, employee development), especially from a legal perspective.

Prerequisite: Completion or waiver of MGT 500.