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MGT 554 Ethical Practices in Business (3 credits)

This online course will consider the ethical responsibilities of managers and corporations. It is designed to raise ethical consciousness and sensitivity to the ethical dimensions of business decisions, on an individual, institution and systemic level. It will be highly interactive, introducing the student to factors which incentivize ethical and unethical behavior, and to dilemmas which arise in business. It will provide plausible decision procedures and frameworks for dealing with ethical matters and methods for rationally adjudicating ethical disputes. It is also designed to reveal common patterns of success and failure in managing ethical conflicts. It will attempt to engage students in a critical evaluation of managerial and corporate ethics and encourage each student to develop a justifiable perspective on the role of ethics in business and their responsibility to various stakeholders.

This is the MBA Ethics Gateway course for students accepted into the Online Professional MBA program ONLY. Students count either MGT 552 or MGT 554 towards their degree.

Prerequisite: MGT 500