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Minor in Ancient Studies

With the approval of the directors of the Classics or Ancient Studies Programs, students may elect a minor in Ancient Studies by taking six courses in ancient studies from any of the groups below with no more than three from any one group unless it is a language group. At least four must be at the 300 level or above.

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Requirements for departmental honors are found under Honors Program and in the brochure published annually by the Director of the Honors program.

Field Experience

Archaeological Fieldwork (usually one or two courses, offered in cooperation with various other universities as approved in advance, usually as summer transfer credit; because of methodological and experiential value, sites need not be limited to geographical areas normally implied in the minor). Recommended in this category is Archaeology of Tel Dor (fieldwork in Israel).

International Study Tour at a location as appropriate (e.g., Italy; Greece; Turkey; Israel; Egypt; and others), with advance approval of director.

Study Abroad at an approved overseas University. Classics Program majors and minors may participate in a semester-long program at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (ICCS), or may enroll in another accredited study abroad or study tour program in Greece and/or Italy (e.g., the CIP approved John Cabot University Program in Rome, Italy; and programs pending CIP approval such as the Fairfield University Program in Syracuse, Sicily and the American Institute of Roman Culture).