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Minor in Autism Studies

Core Courses - 3 required:

IHS 465

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

IHS 466

Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Treatment:*

IHS 467

Social Skills Development in Autism*

*IHS 465 is strongly recommended prior to or concurrently with this course

Elective Courses- Choose 3 from the following: Some courses require prerequisites. Please check the department listings for prerequisite requirements.

IHS 468

Resources and Advocacy for Autism*

IHS 490

Internship in Autism Studies *

IHS 110

Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness & Disability

IHS 248

Health and the School-aged Child

PSY 120

Lifespan Development

PSY 121

Child Development

PSY 122

Abnormal Psychology for Non-Majors (or Psychology majors course)

PSY 201

Biological Basis of Behavior

PSY 222


PSY 226

Psychology of Emotion

PSY 237

Abnormal Child Psychology

EDU 155/156

Foundations in Early Childhood Education

EDU 241/244

Social Motor Development

SPE 150/151

Introduction to Special Education

SPE 330/331

Teaching in Inclusive Environments

SPE 340/341

Educating Students with low Incidence Disabilities

SPE 480

Family, School and Community in a Diverse Society

* IHS 465 is strongly recommended prior to or concurrently with this course.