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Minor in International Relations

Minors in International Relations will complete 6 courses that satisfy the following requirements:

  • POL 105 and one other Foundation Course (chose one from ECN 101, ECN 102, IRT 211, HIS 104, HIS 203, HIS 205, HIS 206, POL 103)
  • plus 4 upper division IR courses. In completing these 4 upper division courses, students must take at least one approved ECN, HIS, and POL class.


Students majoring in International Relations are encouraged to consider participating in the Washington and Philadelphia internship programs. The Washington Internship is described under Special Programs and allows students to work in Washington for a whole semester and earn course credits. The Philadelphia Program is described under the Political Science Program and is listed as POL 2841 Political Internship. IR students who find a relevant internship in the area are able to receive credit for one upper division IR course.

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Requirements for departmental honors are found under the Honors Program and in the brochure published annually by the Director of the Honors program.