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Minor in Linguistics

A student may minor in Linguistics by taking six preapproved courses: LIN 101and five additional preapproved courses. Those approved include all courses taught in Linguistics (LIN) and some courses in English, French, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish. See the Advisor for Linguistics Minors, Dr. Jennifer Ewald, for more information and visit the Linguistics Program website at

As an increasingly interdisciplinary field, Linguistics is closely related to many other academic fields including Autism Studies, Classical and Modern Languages, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.  Students of Linguistics often pursue careers as clinical psychologists, educators, information technology specialists, lawyers, linguists, marketing and advertising consultants, social workers, speech pathologists, speech therapists, translators and interpreters.  For that reason, several courses in other SJU programs count toward a minor in Linguistics while fulfilling requirements in their respective programs:

ENG 381 History of the English Language

PHL 220  Logic

PHL 240  Symbolic Logic

PHL 474  Language and Thought

PHL 475  Language and Meaning

SOC 260 Language and the Law

SOC 317  Sociolinguistics

SPA 342  Advanced Spanish Grammar

SPA 380  An Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

SPA 460  A Linguistic Approach to Oral Communication: Analysis and Practice

SPA 461  Methods for Teaching Spanish

SPA 466  Spanish Dialectology

SPA 467  Language Contact and Politics in the U.S.

SPA 468  Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

SPA 480  Topics in Spanish Linguistics

FRE/GRM/ITA 470 Topics (when the topic is appropriate; (requires approval)

Linguistics in the GEP

These GEP requirements are fulfilled by the following courses:


LIN 101 Introduction to Linguistics

Ethics Intensive

LIN 260 Language and the Law

Social Sciences

LIN 317 Sociolinguistics

LIN 340 Communication in Social Contexts: "Can You Hear Me Now?"


LIN 317 Sociolinguistics

LIN 401 Bilingualism and Language Diversity

First Year Seminar

LIN 150  Language, Communication and Culture

LIN 150  Language, Linguistics and the Real World