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Minor in Public Administration

For a minor in Public Administration the student will be required to complete the following six courses:

POL 314

Public Administration

POL 317

Suburban Government and Problems

POL 315

Government and Business

plus any three courses from the following:

POL 312

Law and Social Change

POL 313

Public Policy

POL 316

State and Local Government

POL 327

Environmental Politics in America

POL 491

Philadelphia-Area Internship

Teacher Certification for Secondary Schools

Students majoring in Political Science may minor in Education to obtain a Level I Teaching Certification in Social Studies. In order to meet requirements in Political Science and Education, students are URGED to apply for the Education minor during the spring semester of their freshman year. While students will continue meeting with their Political Science advisor, they will be assigned an Education advisor who will guide them through the sequence of six Education courses and three field experience labs. Students may substitute PSY 101 for ECN 101 or ECN 102. Students may need to take more than the normal 40 courses to complete the major as well as the graduation and certification requirements. Please see Education in this Catalog for further advising information and be sure to be in contact with the social studies advisor in the Education Department.

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Students with cumulative GPA in Political Science or Public Administration of 3.5 may apply to the chair for Departmental Honors. Typically, before contacting the Chair, a junior major (a) should have multiple discussions with a Department member who will mentor the thesis and, (b) in conjunction with that faculty member, draft a proposal and develop a working bibliography for the project. Fulfillment of the requirement includes honors research and writing a thesis (POL 493-494), as well as an oral defense at the end of each semester. Please see the Honors Program for more information; paperwork usually must be completed by April 15 of the junior year. Departmental Honors recipients count their Honors coursework sequence (POL 493-494) as 1 POL upper division and 1 senior seminar course.