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Minor in Spanish

Requires 6 SPA courses (18 credits) including:

SPA 202

Intermediate Spanish II (depending on placement)

SPA 301 or 303

Spanish Conversation

SPA 302 or 304

Spanish Composition

(Heritage speakers of Spanish having completed SPA 303 take a SPA elective in place of SPA 302.)

The remaining SPA credits must include SPA courses at the 3xx or 4xx levels

There is also an oral proficiency interview required of all Spanish minors during their final semester. See Dr. Jennifer Ewald or Dr. Elaine Shenk for more information about the minor.

Other Related Programs

In addition to the Spanish major and minor, a minor or certificate in Latin American Studies is also available. See the Latin American Studies Program website at A student may wish to consider a minor in Linguistics. See the Advisor for Linguistics Minors, Dr. Jennifer Ewald, for more information and visit the Linguistics Program website at

Study Abroad

Spanish majors and minors are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country of their choice. The Center for International Programs ( provides information on SJU-approved programs in Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Spain, as well as programs in other Latin American countries, for which students may petition credit. Modern and Classical Languages faculty also offer Study Tour Courses to Argentina/Uruguay and Spain. Study Tours offered by other departments have included destinations such Bolivia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Study Tours offered by other departments do not count toward the Spanish major or minor, (except as integrative Learning courses for the major) but they do complement students’ interests in Spanish. Students who are interested in studying abroad should meet with Dr. Elaine Shenk, the Spanish Program Coordinator for Study Abroad, to discuss their study abroad plans.