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M.S. in Education with Instructional Technology Specialist Certification (Online Program)

Stephanie Brookstein, Director, OATCERT Program

Merion Hall 283, 610- 660-3285,

This online, campus-free program is designed to prepare high quality professionals capable of assuming leadership roles within the field of instructional technology in an individual school, school district, or corporate training setting. We provide solid theoretical, research-based information to our students and equip them with a tool set that can be directly applied to their responsibility to integrate technology into the curriculum. This program leads to certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist and to a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology (36 credits). NB Course requirements (number and topics) subject to change based upon PA Department of Education.

Required courses (27 credits)

ITS 605

Technology Applications for the Classroom

ITS 610

Applying Theories of Learning to Interactive Technologies

ITS 615
(EDU5365 & EDU 5475, ITS 650)

Introduction to Interactive Technologies

ITS 620

Multimedia Productions

ITS 625

Research in Instructional Technology

ITS 630

Instructional Design

SPE 630

Design and Technologies for Differentiated Instruction

ITS 640

Technology Planning

ITS 646

Cultural/Linguistic Diversity and Technology

Electives for MS

ITS 645

Teaching and Learning at a Distance

ITS 635

Networks: Configurations and Implementation

ITS 655

Delivering Instruction Using Interactive Peripherals

Final requirement for both Certification and MS (6 credits)

ITS 695

Graduate Internship (6 credits)

Final requirement for both Certification and MS (3 credits)

** 3 credit course to be determined