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PHL 362 Faith and Reason in the Kantian Philosophy (3 credits)

This course begins with an examination of two types of traditional arguments for the existence of God: those based on putative grounds of reason and those based on putative grounds of experience. The questionable success of such proofs will raise several questions: what is the nature of human reason, what is the nature of faith as a distinct epistemic attitude, and how should we think about the relation between them? We shall then pursue Kant’s systematic answers to these questions with the hope that they will give us a workable and empowering alternative to the arguments studied earlier in the course. Possible further topics for the course include (1) the possibility of understanding the history of arguments for God’s existence as a progressive development of reason’s awareness and articulation of its needs, and (2) the application of Kant’s analysis of reason to some fundamental claims and themes of the Christian religion in order to show how they can be understood as having a basis in reason.