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POL 150 First-Year Seminar: The Politics of Inequality and Diversity in the US (3 credits)

Since its founding, America has prided itself on the principle of equality in the political arena. Nonetheless, there have always been empirical inconsistencies between the rhetoric of equality and the actual lived experience of democracy in America. The first half of this course will analyze patterns of diversity and inequality across the U.S. in terms of race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and their intersections. Specifically, we will discuss how these patterns affect democratic governance in the U.S. – in other words, whose voices are reflected in the political world and where? The second half of this course applies the above concepts to the study of one case: food justice. Through the lens of disadvantage, we will study the contours of this social movement in terms of its participants, goals, organization, and potential political future. Not for major credit.