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POL 307 Democracy and Legal Theory (Summer Study Tour) (3 credits)

The theories of law and justice that have shaped contemporary American legal and democratic thought have as their wellsprings, the ancient world. The course will begin with a short visit to Athens, the birthplace of democracy. The class will then travel to the island of Siros. The course will be based there and will examine how the concepts of liberty and equality have evolved from the times of Socrates and Pericles, to the era of Thomas Jefferson, from American Revolution, through the shaping of the Constitution, to the Civil War, and then to contemporary America. Particular emphasis will be devoted to understanding how the various theories of law—natural law, legal positivism, and the sociological school—interface with the institution of judicial review, and how judicial review and democracy co-exist in the American polity. This course is offered only in the summer session and is offered on-site in Greece.