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Professional Practice Center

The Professional Practice Center in the Haub School of Business provides a centralized administrative location to consolidate and streamline the co-op and internship process which supports the efforts of HSB academic departments and students. The center assists in the placement of students in co-op positions and internships each year at businesses and organization through-out the Northeast. By participating in the center’s programs, students explore the connections between theory and practice and between their academic program and their career choice. They acquire a better understanding of their own skills and interests.

Through the Professional Practice Center programs, undergraduate students integrate classroom study with professional experience in a related career field. In addition to acquiring new knowledge and skills, students may earn college credit. Students are able to clarify career choices by experiencing the challenges of working in a chosen discipline. The Professional Practice Center serves as a resource for employers in the region and is an excellent training ground for students. For additional information, please call (610) 660-1934.