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Program of Studies (Effective August 15, 2010)

GEP (See Curricula): 6 signature courses, including:

First Year Seminar: EDU 150/EDU 150F Schools in Society

GEP (See Curricula): Variable and Integrative Learning Courses, including:


MAT 111

Mathematics of Patterns

MAT 130

Whole Truth about Whole Numbers


ENG 101

Craft of Language

Social/Behavioral Science:

EDU 151

Development, Cognition and Learning

EDU 151F

Field Experience


ENV 106

Exploring the Earth (4 credits)


HIS 201

U.S./PA History

Foreign Language:

one to three courses as required to fulfill the GEP foreign language requirement

Fine Arts or Literature:

one course


one course


one course

There are FOUR undergraduate Education Majors (beginning Fall 2010)

1. Pre K-4: Early Childhood/Elementary

2 4-8: Elementary/Middle Years

3. Dual: Early Childhood/Elementary PreK-4 and Special Education K-8

4. Art Education K-12

*Students may apply to become a dual major in March of their sophomore year

**Interdisciplinary major offered by the departments of Teacher Education & Art Department

Note: Secondary Education (grades 7-12) students minor in education. See section below for information on the secondary education minor program.