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Program Overview

The undergraduate Education programs are built upon a strong liberal arts curriculum provided through the General Education Program (GEP) at Saint Joseph’s University. This enables students to integrate their understanding of interdisciplinary content with an understanding of child and adolescent learning.

Students balance theory and practice in teaching related courses. Most education courses provide students with the opportunity to investigate theory and research while participating in field experiences in local schools.

Education majors can choose from among the following Level I certification programs: Early Childhood/Elementary PreK-4, Elementary/Middle 4-8, Dual PreK-4 and Special Education K-8, Art Education K-12. For those interested in teaching at the secondary level, our students minor in secondary education and major in one of the following areas: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, History, or Mathematics. Students may also elect to major in a foreign language (French, German, Latin, Spanish, or Italian) and minor in education to earn a K-12 teaching certificate.

Each of the courses in the different programs explores historical and current theories as well as complex issues relevant to the varied areas of study in education. Courses in professional pedagogy focus on elementary or secondary students in the regular classroom, as well as on students with special education needs. Issues of inclusion and least restrictive environment, the effect of socioeconomic background, the challenge for English language learners, and the impact of gender and race on the learning of students are explored in a variety of course offerings.

Field experiences strike a balance between urban and suburban schools, with their differing situations, needs, problems, and opportunities. The capstone course, Student Teaching, provides students with a semester-long opportunity to relate theory to practice with the support of a cooperating teacher, a University supervisor, and a faculty member who conducts the weekly seminar.

All education majors must formally apply to the teacher certification program through their advisors. A 3.0 GPA is required for certification. Students who receive a grade of "D" in any required education course must re-take the course. Students entering in the fall of 2012 will need to re-take a required education course if they receive a grade of C- or below.

Students who will be graduated on or before May 15, 2013 should consult their academic advisors and/or previous editions of the undergraduate program catalog to determine their specific degree and teacher certification requirements.