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PSY 230 Social Psychology (3 credits)

The discipline of social psychology is the study of individuals in interaction with other individuals, of individuals in interaction with groups, and of groups in interaction with other groups. It involves understanding how people influence, and are influenced by, others around them. The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the perspectives, research methods, and empirical findings of social psychology. An equally important goal is to develop critical and integrative ways of thinking about theories and research in social psychology. Such topics as social thinking (attitudes, attributions), social influence (conformity, persuasion, group influences), and social relations (aggression, altruism, prejudice, attraction, conflict) will be considered.

Note: This course may be taken as an elective, or combined with PSY 330L/331L to satisfy the social science laboratory requirement of the Psychology major. PSY 330L/331L is a co-requisite for PSY 230 if both are offered during a given semester.