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Purpose of a Curriculum

A curriculum is a course of study planned to assist the student, according to ability and desire, to progress toward educational goals. Such a plan fosters efficient interaction of student, teacher, and other resources, principally within the college environment. The course of study at Saint Joseph’s University is structured to facilitate development of abilities and qualities characteristic of the liberally educated person and pursues a three-fold objective through a three-part curriculum.

The General Educational component ensures mastery of skills required for further study, exposes students to the principal achievements and problems of the major fields of human learning, and introduces them to new disciplines that they may or may not wish to pursue. This portion of the curriculum is composed of courses in languages and literatures, mathematics and natural sciences, history and social sciences, philosophy and theology.

The Major Concentration component gives depth in a particular field and is thus a preparation for an effective career or for graduate study in that field.

Free or general electives allow students to pursue interests, explore new fields, or to continue concentration in their major.