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Prior to registration dates, CPLS and Registrar’s offices will announce and make available registration forms and a class schedule that contains all the specific instructions, procedures, and courses. Students must register for each semester or session independently. Course scheduling and registration information is also available on-line.

Students should read the catalog carefully before selecting courses to make sure they have the prerequisites or proper background for each course. Since the goal of education is academic progress, normally students should not register for a course when they have earned credit in a more advanced course in the same subject. Students enrolling in upper division courses who are unsure of the required background should consult an academic advisor in the CPLS Office, 117 BL.

Students are urged to meet with an academic advisor to avoid duplication of courses or an unwise selection. Academic approval does not guarantee the student a place in class. Seats in classes are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, through the registration procedure.

Students may register by web, mail, fax or in person from the beginning of the registration period until two weeks prior to the start of classes without payment at the time of registration. Invoices will be sent electronically by the Student Service Center. All academic and financial regulations are the same whether a student registers by web, mail, fax or in person. Information for utilizing all of the above registration procedures will be made available to students via the web. For further information regarding registration, please contact College of Professional and Liberal Studies, the Registrar’s office or the Student Service Center.