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Requirements for a Major in Business

GEP Signature Courses: (See Curricula) six courses

GEP Variable Courses: (See Curricula) six to nine courses, including:

Social/Behavioral Science:

ECN 101

Introductory Economics (Micro)

Integrated Learning Component (ILC): three courses

Free electives: six to nine courses

Business Foundation: ten courses including

ACC 101

Concepts of Financial Accounting

ACC 102

Managerial Accounting


Excel Competency (non-credit)

DSS 200

Introduction to Information Systems

DSS 210

Business Statistics

DSS 220

Quantitative Methods for Business

FIN 200

Introduction to Finance

MGT 110 or 120

Essentials of Organizational Behavior or Essentials of Management

MGT 360

Legal Environment of Business I

MKT 201

Principles of Marketing

BUS 495

Business Policy