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Requirements for General Honors

Successful completion of General Honors requires at least eight semesters of Honors courses. Students typically schedule Honors coursework in each of the eight semesters, although adjustments may be made to this schedule on the advice of the Honors Director. The following further restrictions apply to the minimum eight-course requirement:

  • At least two courses must be team-taught interdisciplinary Honors courses.
  • At least two courses must be honors courses satisfying Philosophy or Theology GER/GEP requirements. At least one of these two must be at the third level GER or be in the Faith & Reason or Philosophical Anthropology area of the GEP.
  • Independent Studies done at the Honors level, including the two semesters required for Departmental Honors or University Scholar, can be used to satisfy the eight-course requirement.
  • Honors students are permitted to convert one (two are permitted only in extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the Honors Director) of their upper division courses into Honors level courses, provided that they observe the following guidelines:

    i. Use a course upgrade form to obtain permission from the instructor of the course and Director of the Honors Program by the end of the Drop/Add period of the semester in which the course is being taken.

    ii. Arrange a specific research project in collaboration with the instructor, which is separate from regular course requirements and which results in a substantial research essay or its equivalent in addition to regular course requirements.

    iii. Take a final examination that is different from the regular examination which addresses the chosen area of research. Lower division GER courses may not be converted into Honors courses.

  • Study Abroad Requirements for Honors Credit
  • Honors students who spend a semester studying abroad may obtain a waiver of one of the eight required Honors courses by completing the Study Abroad Course Upgrade. To qualify for this upgrade, Honors students must complete the Study Abroad Course Upgrade form six weeks prior to the semester in which they intend to study abroad. This must be signed by the student and either the Director or Associate Director and given to the Assistant to the Honors Director. Students who fail to complete this form before taking courses abroad will not be considered for Honors credit.
  • Honors students must submit the following material to the Director or Associate Director no later than fourteen days after they have fulfilled all requirements for their Study Abroad course:

    i. A fifteen-page written summary of their study abroad course, specifying the objectives of the course and how these have been met.

    ii. A portfolio, including course syllabi, tests, examinations, and all other relevant assessment material.

  • Many Honors courses can be used to satisfy one of several university GER/GEP requirements. Students must notify the Registrar’s office, the Honors Program, and their academic advisor which GER/GEP requirement is being satisfied by which course. This must be done in writing.

To remain in the Honors program, students are expected to maintain a 3.50 GPA, which is the minimum required for graduation with General Honors. Students who are not making reasonable progress towards the eight-course requirement or not maintaining their GPA are subject to withdrawal from the Honors Program.

Students are encouraged to consult with the Honors Director or Associate Director to assure that their course schedules are arranged in such a way as to integrate the fulfillment of University requirements with those of the Honors Program.