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Requirements for the Chemistry Major: Biochemistry Option

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): six to nine courses, including


MAT 161

Calculus I

Natural Science:

CHM 120

General Chemistry I



CHM 121

General Chemistry I Honors

CHM 120L

General Chemistry Laboratory I

GEP Overlays (See Curricula): three courses

GEP Integrative Learning Component: three courses


MAT 162

Calculus II


PHY 105-106

University Physics I-II

PHY 105L-106L

University Physics Laboratory I-II

GEP Electives: any nine courses

Major Concentration: thirteen courses

Foundation Course Requirements:

BIO 101

Biology I: Cells

BIO 102

Biology II: Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

CHM 125

General Chemistry II



CHM 126

General Chemistry II Honors

CHM 125L

General Chemistry Laboratory II

CHM 210-215

Organic Chemistry I-II

CHM 210L-215L

Organic Chemistry Laboratory I-II

CHM 310-315

Physical Chemistry I-II

CHM 310L

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

CHM 330

Instrumental Analysis

CHM 330L

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

CHM 340


CHM 340L

Biochemistry Laboratory

CHM 350

Inorganic Chemistry

CHM 350L

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

CHM 480

Advanced Biochemistry: Inorganic Biochemistry

In-Depth Course Requirements:

Two In-Depth Chemistry courses (see list below)


One In-Depth Chemistry course and Senior Research I-II


One In-Depth Chemistry course and one Math/Natural Science elective (see list below, this option must be approved by the Chemistry Chair in advance)

In-Depth Chemistry Courses:

CHM 400

Chemistry of the Earth

CHM 410

Biophysical Chemistry

CHM 420

Environmental Chemistry

CHM 430

Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry

CHM 440

Organometallic Chemistry

CHM 460

Aqueous Chemistry

CHM 490


Math and Natural Science Electives:

BIO 101

Biology I: Cells

MAT 213

Calculus III

MAT 225

Fundamental Ideas of Mathematics

MAT 231

The Mathematics of Music

MAT 232

Chaos, Fractals, and Dynamical Systems

MAT 233

History of Mathematics

MAT 334

Combinatorics and Graph Theory

MAT 336

Logic and Foundations

PHY 251

Modern Physics I

PHY 253

Survey of Nanotechnology

PHY 255

Linear Systems in Physics

PHY 257

Mathematical Methods in Physics

PHY 261

Electronics I

PHY 301

Classical Mechanics

Enrollment in CHM 390 Chemistry Seminar is required each semester for junior and senior chemistry majors. Students planning to go into industry or attend graduate school should take Senior Research I-II. All students who meet the above requirements satisfactorily will be certified by the American Chemical Society.