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Requirements for the Computer Science Major

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): six to nine courses, including


MAT 155

Fundamentals of Calculus



MAT 161

Calculus I

Natural Science*:

One semester of any lab-based natural science course (see ILC below)

GEP Overlays (See Curricula): three courses

GEP Integrative Learning Component: three courses


MAT 156

Applied Calculus II



MAT 162

Calculus II

one additional Mathematics course numbered 213 or higher or LIN 101

Natural Science*:

The second semester of the lab-based natural science course (see GEP Variable Courses above)

GEP Electives: six courses

Major Concentration: sixteen courses including

Ten Required Core Courses:

Computer Science:

CSC 120

Computer Science I

CSC 121

Computer Science II

CSC 150

Discrete Structures

CSC 201

Data Structures

CSC 202

Computer Architecture

CSC 261

Principles of Programming Languages

CSC 281

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CSC 310

Computer Systems

CSC 315

Software Engineering

CSC 495

Senior Project

Four Electives including any CSC courses numbered 340 or above.


Any two of the following Mathematics courses:

MAT 128

Applied Statistics

MAT 180

Theory of Numbers

MAT 226

Linear Algebra

MAT 311

Numerical Analysis

MAT 316

Operations Research

MAT 321


* A total of thirty semester hours of science and mathematics courses are required with at least fifteen semester hours of mathematics (other then precalc)