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Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Health Services Major

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): six to nine courses including:

CHM 125/125L

General Chemistry II with Laboratory

GEP Overlays (See Curricula): three courses

GEP Integrative Learning Component: three courses


CHM 120/120L

General Chemistry I with Laboratory


BIO 101/101L

Biology I: Cells with Laboratory


MAT 118

Introduction to Statistics or higher (Note: Some upper-level chemistry and physics courses require calculus

GEP Electives: eleven courses

Major Concentration: eleven courses including

IHS Core Requirements: 6 courses

IHS 110

Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability

IHS 211

The Health Care System and Its Responsibilities

IHS 323

Health and Society

IHS 331

Statistics and Research Methodology

IHS 495

Senior Seminar in Health Services

BIO 102/102L

Biology II: Genetics with Laboratory

Area Studies: 5 courses (at least 2 courses must be from the Health Services Courses group)

Health Services Courses:

IHS 120

Consumer Health

IHS 150

Global Health Care

IHS 216

Alcohol, Drugs, and Society

IHS 217

Mental Health and Society

IHS 243

Helping and Healing Ethics: Community and Personal Transformation

IHS 244

Health Care Administration

IHS 248

Health and the School-aged Child

IHS 251

Healthcare Law and Ethics

IHS 252

Health Care Policy

IHS 253

Nutrition: Health and Disease

IHS 255

Human Sexuality and Disease

IHS 256

HIV/AIDS: Sexuality, Money, Politics, Research, Public Health, and Ethics

IHS 263

Theories of Addiction and Addictive Behavior

IHS 270

Violence and Aggression: Deconstructing Youth Violence

IHS 276


IHS 280

The Continuum of Adult Health Medical Terminology and Health Literacy

IHS 315

The Culture of Addiction Study Tour

IHS 325

Theories of Disease Prevention and Management

IHS 345

Seeking a Better Death: Hospice Care

IHS 349

Managed Health Care

IHS 354

Diversity Leadership in Healthcare

IHS 359

Planning and Evaluating Public Health Promotion Programs

IHS 368

Just Healthcare in Developing Nations

IHS 441

Alternative Medicine and Non-traditional Therapies

IHS 458/458L


IHS 465

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

IHS 466

Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Treatment

IHS 467

Social Skills Development in Austism

IHS 468

Resources and Advocacy for Autism

IHS 469

Adult and Transition Services in Autism

IHS 470

Seminar in Autism Spectrum Disorders (restricted to PLS students)

IHS 490

Internship in Health Services

IHS 491

Internship in Autism Studies

IHS 493-494

Independent Health Research

Social Sciences Courses (a social science course may only count towards the GEP or area studies, not both):

PSY 100

Introductory Psychology

PSY 122

Abnormal Psychology for non-majors

PSY 222


PSY 223

Health Psychology

PSY 224

Drugs, Brain and Human Behavior

SOC 217

Mental Health & Society

Natural Sciences Courses:

BIO 201

Organismic Biology

BIO 260

Anatomy & Physiology for Nursing/Allied Health I

BIO 261

Anatomy & Physiology for Nursing/Allied Health II

BIO 404


BIO 406

Comparative Anatomy

BIO 408


BIO 416


BIO 417

Systemic Physiology


ECN 390

Economics of Health Care

Note: Students planning graduate study in allied health are strongly encouraged to minor in biology or chemistry.