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Requirements for the International Business Minor

The minor in International Business requires taking a total of six courses. However, the total number of courses that a student needs to take depends on the specific major. With careful selection, the majority of business students can complete the requirements of the IB minor taking a total of three to five courses. For non-business students, the IB minor requires completing the business minor to meet course pre-requisites. With proper selection, non-business students may complete the requirements for both the business minor and the IB minor taking a total of about eight courses. The specific requirements of the IB minor are as follows.

Level 1: International Foundation and International Exposure

Take three courses in at least two of the following categories:

Advanced Modern Language.

Take at least one non-native language course at the advanced level or higher in the target language beyond the General Education Program requirements in the target non-native language. These include the courses approved by the Modern Languages Department to fulfill the major and minor requirements in a target language. These include the conversation course (301), the composition course (302), the business course, the culture and civilization course, or other pre-approved course in the target language.

Globalization Topics from a Liberals Arts Perspective.

Choose from the following courses:

POL 105/115

Introduction to International Politics

POL 356

US Foreign Policy

ECN 321

International Trade

ECN 445

Economics of Multinational Enterprises

ECN 430

Comparative Economic Systems

HIS 203

Historical Introduction to Latin America

HIS 204

Latin American - U.S. Migration

HIS 205

Historical Introduction to the Islamic World

HIS 206

Historical Introduction to East Asian Civilizations

HIS 381

U.S. as a Global Power, 1914-present

International Exposure

Take a course from the following: (1) IBU 370 or an international study tour offered in HSB (other study tours require pre-approval), (2) an approved international course in one of the SJU Summer abroad programs, (3) a pre-approved course with an international focus while studying abroad, or (4) an international business internship. NOTE: the international exposure course cannot double count towards completing other requirements of the international business minor.

Level 2: International Dimensions of Business.

Take IBU 210 International Business (Prerequisite MGT 110, 120, or 121) and one of the following courses examining the international aspects of the functional areas of business:

ACC 430

International Accounting

FIN 302

International Finance

FMK 314

International Food Marketing

IBU 363

International Business Law

MKT 331

International Marketing

Level 3: International Business Capstone. Take the following course:

IBU 495

Global Strategic Planning

NOTE: In no case may an ILC course be double counted towards completing other requirements of the international business minor.