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Requirements for the Managing Human Capital Major

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): six to nine courses, including

Integrated Learning Component (ILC): three courses. NOTE: In no case may an ILC course be double counted towards completing other requirements of the Managing Human Capital major.


ECN 102

Introductory Economics (Macro)

Plus any two courses from the following areas:

Economics (maximum of one course from this section)

ECN 322

International Macroeconomics**†

ECN 360

Industrial Organization*

ECN 370

Economic Development*

ECN 380

Managerial Economics

ECN 470

Ethical Values in the Marketplace

*Prerequisite: ECN 101

**Prerequisite: ECN 102


ENG 206 Rhetoric in Modern Practice

ENG 263 Writing for Organizations

Interdisciplinary Courses

IHS 346: Administration of Health Care and Public Health

Political Science

POL 101

First-Year Majors (FYM) Introduction to American Government and Politics

POL 103

First-Year Majors (FYM) Introduction to Comparative Politics

POL 111

Introduction to American Government and Politics

POL 113

Introduction to Comparative Politics

POL 302

Modern Political Thought

POL 303

American Political Thought

POL 315

Government and Business

POL 352

Political Economy of Booms and Busts

POL 357

America and the World Economy

PSY 100

Introductory Psychology

PSY 123

Psychology of Men and Women*

PSY 200


PSY 212

Multicultural Psychology**

PSY 230

Social Psychology**

PSY 235

Psychology of Gender**

*Prerequisite: PSY 100 or PSY 101

**Prerequisites: PSY 100 or PSY 101, and PSY 200


SOC 101

Introductory Sociology

SOC 102

Social Problems

SOC 208

Sociology of Gender*

SOC 211

Classical Sociological Theory*

SOC 262

While Collar Crime*

SOC 335

Classes and Power in the United States*

SOC 363

Philadelphia: In Black and White

* Prerequisite SOC 101 or SOC 102

Free electives: six courses

Business Foundation: ten courses, including

ACC 101

Concepts of Financial Accounting

ACC 102

Managerial Accounting

DSS 100

Excel Competency (non-credit)

DSS 200

Introduction to Information Systems

DSS 210

Business Statistics

DSS 220

Business Analytics

FIN 200

Introduction to Finance

MGT 110 or

MGT 120 or

MGT 121

Essentials of Organizational Behavior

Essentials of Management

Honors Organizations in Perspective (Honors Program students only)

MGT 360

Legal Environment of Business

MKT 201

Principles of Marketing

BUS 495

Business Policy

Managing Human Capital Required (3):

MHC 220

Introduction to Managing Human Capital

MHC 221

Diversity in the workplace

MHC 495

Managing Human Capital: Research and Application Capstone

Major-elective (3): Choose three (3) additional courses from the following list:*

ECN 330

Economics of Labor

FBE 230

Introduction of Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

FBE 330

Social Entrepreneuralship

IBU 210

International Business

LEO 210

Business, Stakeholders, and Ethics

LEO 211

Perspectives on Leadership

MGT 243

Negotiation Skills

MGT 361

Legal Environment of Business II

MHC 320

Career Management

MHC 270/370/470

Special Topics

MHC 490/491

Internship I and II

MHC 493/494

Research I and II

SOC 320

Sociology of Work

*See course descriptions in the Academic Catalog for prerequisites