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Requirements for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing Major

Requirments for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing Major

For students who entered SJU in the Fall of 2010 or later, or transfer students entering SJU in the Fall of 2010 with 14 or fewer credits:

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

1)First-Year Seminar

PMK first-year seminars are PMK 150 FY1 and FY3 (see course descriptions below)

2)Faith and Reason


3)ENG 102

Texts and Contexts

4)HIS 154

Forging the Modern World

5)PHL 154

Moral Foundations

6)THE 154

Faith, Justice, Catholic Tradition

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): nine courses, including

1)ENG 101¹

Craft of Language

2)Foreign Language # 1


3)Foreign Language #2

4)Math Beauty


5)ECN 101

Introductory Economics (Micro)

6)Laboratory Science²



Religious Difference

8)Philosophical 9)Arts/Literature


¹Students may earn credit for English 101 by earning a grade of 4 or 5 on the AP English exam. If that is the case, the student may take ENG 102 during the fall semester of freshman year.

²To satisfy this requirement, students must take two, three-credit, non-laboratory courses. The second course replaces an elective.

Integrated Learning Component (ILC): three courses

1)ENC 102


2)HIS 458


3)ILC #3


Recommendations are: PMK 471 Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy II, HIS/SOC323 Health & Society, PSY 100 Intro to Psychology, PSY 122 Abnormal Psychology for Non-Majors, PSY 200 Personality, PSY 210 Research Methods, ART 173 digital Photo 1, THE 366 Christian Medical Ethics

Free Electives: Six Courses

Please consult your advisor.

Recommended: PMK 180 Patient Access to Healthcare (service-learning course)

HSB (BC) Foundation Courses

1)ACC 101

Concepts of Financial Accounting

2)ACC 102

Managerial Accounting

3)DSS 200

Introduction to Information Systems

4)DSS 210

Business Statistics

5)DSS 220

Business Analytics

6)MGT 110

MGT 120

Essentials of Organizational Behavior or

Essentials of Management

7)MGT 360

Legal Environment of Business I

8)FIN 200

Principles of Finance

9)MKT 201

Principles of Marketing

10)BUS 495

Business Policy

Courses in the Major:six courses

1)PMK 211

2)PMK 221

3)PMK 331

4)PMK 341

Healthcare Marketing Environment

Pharmaceutical Marketing Research

Pharmaceutical Sales Management

Supply Chain Management and Pricing

5)PMK 351

Pharmaceutical Promotions Management

6)PMK 461

Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy I