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Requirements for the Physics Major

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): six to nine courses, including


MAT 161

Calculus I

Natural Science:

PHY 105

University Physics I

PHY 105L

University Physics Laboratory I

GEP Overlays (See Curricula): three courses

GEP Integrative Learning Component: three courses

Students will take two of the following four courses in addition to MAT 213 (Calculus III):


BIO 101

Biology I: Cells

BIO 102

Biology II: Genetics and Evolutionary Biology


CHM 120

General Chemistry I Lecture*

CHM 125

General Chemistry II lecture*

Students are encouraged, but not required, to take the associated Chemistry labs.

GEP Electives: six courses

Major Concentration: Sixteen courses

MAT 162

Calculus II

MAT 213

Calculus III

PHY 106

University Physics II

PHY 106L

University Physics Laboratory II

PHY 251

Modern Physics I

PHY 252

Modern Physics II

PHY 257

Mathematical Methods in Physics

PHY 301

Classical Mechanics

PHY 303

Thermal Physics



PHY 409

Statistical Mechanics

PHY 307

Electricity and Magnetism

PHY 308

Waves and Optics

PHY 311

Experimental Methods of Physics I

PHY 312

Experimental Methods of Physics II

PHY 321

Quantum Mechanics I

and three PHY 3-credit electives, two of which must be at the 300-level or higher. Students are also required to enroll in PHY 390 Physics Seminar each semester.