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Requirements for the Sports Marketing Major

The Sports Marketing major is designed to create value for students by preparing them to succeed in careers in the global sports industry, for sports organizations by providing qualified students for internships and qualified graduates for entry-level positions, and for the University by helping to attract the best and brightest to our undergraduate Marketing program. The theme of the program is to "move the revenue needle of sports properties in an ethical and socially responsible manner."

The Sports Marketing major requirements are the same as the General Marketing major with respect to the GEP, Business Foundation and free electives with one exception: Sports Marketing majors should take Sports Economics (ECN 420) as the third ILC course. Principles of Marketing (MKT 201) is a prerequisite to Business of Sports (MKT 351), which is a prerequisite to every other course in the Sports Marketing major.

The major consists of six (6) sports courses, including:

MKT 351

The Business of Sports

MKT 353

Sports Marketing

MKT 490

Marketing Internship



MKT 35x

Three Upper level Sports Marketing courses

NOTE: Students under the GER must take on additional MKT course to satisfy the major requirements.