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School Nurse Certification Outside of the M.S. Program

Nakia Henderson, M.S., H.Ed. /H.A. Graduate Director, Department of Health Services

100 Post Hall, 610- 660-2952,

Elizabeth Russom, RN, MS, H.Ed, School Nurse Certificate Coordinator

100 Post Hall, 610- 715-5788,

Pennsylvania School Nurse certification can be earned outside of the MS Program.

Applicants should submit or have sent to the Office of Graduate Operations the following:

  • a completed Saint Joseph’s University graduate application.
  • official sealed transcript(s) of undergraduate/graduate coursework. If you are a SJU graduate the Office of Graduate Operations will obtain your SJU transcripts for you.
  • a current resumé
  • two letters of recommendation from at least two faculty appraising the candidate’s promise and capacity for graduate study, reflecting, from a professional’s point of view, the candidate’s ability to pursue a rigorous, independent course of study at the graduate level.
  • a personal statement outlining the candidate’s professional goals and educational objectives for the program, including the applicant’s rationale for program choice and professional study.
  • $35 application fee – waived if attended an Open House or an SJU graduate.
  • Copy of current RN license.

The following five graduate courses are required:

EDU 550

American Education

HED 650

School Nurse Practice

HED 651

School Nurse Practicum

SPE 550

Special Learners

EDU 551

Psychology of Teaching

Upon completion of coursework, copies of the RN license and a Saint Joseph’s transcript showing 12 credits of required coursework are forwarded to Harrisburg along with the Pennsylvania Department of Education Application for Certification. A copy of the certification application can be obtained from the Program Director.

Students are required to meet the Pennsylvania certification standards in effect at the time of application. If state requirements change, the University must reserve the right to modify this course of study.