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SOC 336 Sociology of Appalachia (3 credits)

This course is a survey of the social and economic life of the Appalachian region from the colonial period of American history to the present. The course examines changing patterns of culture, land use, economy, politics, and social structure in the mountains in an effort to understand the contemporary social system in Appalachia. Special emphasis will be placed upon the interaction of mountain residents with the broader forces of social change at work in America: changing family structures, gender roles, economic systems, political cultures, material life, and value orientations. Stereotyped images of Appalachia as an isolated, atypical land, unconnected to the rest of the American experience will be contrasted with a view of Appalachian history as shaped and affected by the same forces of political concentration, capitalist transformation, mass society, and the bureaucratic state that have created modern America.