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Professors: Bergen (Chair), Dowdall, Kefalas

Associate Professor: Logio, Clampet-Lunquist

Assistant Professors: Ayella, Brown (Internship Director), Logio, Logue, Moore


The Sociology Department has three main objectives for sociology majors; to a lesser extent, these objectives also apply to students who minor in sociology. Students who successfully complete the sociology program will be able to apply a scientific approach to groups and institutions surrounding them, and, in addition, will be able to link this scientific approach to a humanistic understanding of pressing social problems. A second Departmental objective is to aid sociology majors to lay a broad and solid foundation for pursuing a career in a wide number of possible fields including law, social services, criminal justice, business, consultation, education, and public relations. Such a foundation enhances occupational flexibility required by a changing and unpredictable labor market. The third objective promoted by the sociology faculty is to foster critical thinking and aid students in developing their oral and written communications skills.