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SPA 342 Advanced Spanish Grammar (3 credits)

This course will provide a detailed review of Spanish grammar, analyzed on both theoretical and applied levels. We will consider discursive, lexical and syntactic topics related to the Spanish language that represent areas for linguistic analysis and are usually problematic for advanced English-speaking learners of Spanish. This course is designed to help students begin to develop skills in linguistic analysis as well as improve their knowledge about and use of Spanish grammar. This course will benefit students who are majoring or minoring in Spanish as well as students who are specifically considering careers in which Spanish will play a central role. Emphasis will be placed on the role of linguistics and grammatical competence in language teacher education. Students will consider how these topics affect the relationship between their understanding of grammatical structures and their actual oral and written proficiency. This course also counts for a Linguistics minor. This course is not open to native or heritage speakers of Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPA 302 or permission of instructor.