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SPA 355 Río de la Plata: Study Tour (3 credits)

This course is a study tour of different geographical points of the Southern Cone region (South America): Montevideo, Colonia and Punta del Este (Uruguay), Buenos Aires and Iguazú Falls (Argentina). The aim of the course is to improve students' knowledge of Latin American socio-political, historical and cultural reality--of the Southern Cone region, in particular--, through the study of the history, geography and sociology of the region, as well as through the study of its literature, music, painting, and other artistic manifestations. Lectures, visits to museums and cultural sites, films, and meetings with local personalities will be part of our activities. Students will be able to focus on a field of interest in their research papers, sharing their findings with the class in oral presentations. Lectures, readings, journals, discussions, oral presentations, exams and papers will be in Spanish. This course counts toward a minor or major in Spanish, or it can be used as an elective course. This course fulfills the Art/Literature requirement.

Prerequisite: SPA 301 or 303 or permission of the instructor.