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SPA 360 Spanish in the Community (4 credits)

This service-learning course focuses on cultural, social, historical, linguistic, and political issues relevant to Latin@communities in Philadelphia. The course is designed to promote solidarity with Latin@s, learn about cultural norms and values, reflect on issues of social justice prevalent in these communities, and develop oral and written proficiency in Spanish. Class materials include both written and community texts, presentations, film and news media. Active participation in both the community and the classroom are key components of the course. In addition to classes on campus, each student will carry out three hours per week of work at a designated service placement site in a Latin community in or near Philadelphia. This class focuses on learning how to "read the texts" of your service experience, how to read the texts of concepts and theories and how to make connections between the two.

Prerequisite: SPA 302.. This is a Service Learning course.