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SPA 421 De Brujas, Náufragos y Sicarios: Short Modern Latin American Novel & Film (3 credits)

Analyzing these "novelas" we study the (re)construction of national identity through the modern literary discourse in particular, and the question of the development of Latin American identities, in general. Goals: throughout our literature readings and analysis we intend to answer questions such as how do these narrative texts articulate a discourse of Latin American identity; how is Latin America culturally different; what makes it culturally "the other" in relation to Occidental hegemonic cultures; should we talk about Latin American identity or/and regional/ national identities. Ways of approaching the identity questions may be: studying technical innovations that disarticulate the traditional realistic discourse of the novel of XIX century; seeing the ways these texts re-textualize the social history of Latin-America, like for example the testimonial novel; studying some examples of magical realism and the fantastic as forms of constructing/ textualizing our identities; mapping Latin American region, cities/country; studying the ways that Latin American people are constructed in this narrative, as well as their cultures, reaching the political, ideological, social subtexts of these novels. Possible authors: Gómez de Avellaneda, Bombal, Onetti, R. Castellanos, E. Garro, Sábato, Fuentes, Vargas Llosa, Carpentier, García Márquez, Rulfo, Benedetti, M. Traba, Peri Rossi, Cortázar, Galeano, T. Mercado, Giardinelli, A. Gorodischer, L. Heker, S. Molloy, G. Gambaro, I. Verolín, among others.

Prerequisites: SPA 302 or 303; and either 310 or 350, This course fulfills the Art/Lit requirement.