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SPA 422 Culture, Dictatorship, and Exile in the Southern Cone: 1973-85 3 credits

In this course we study different aesthetical discourses of the dictatorship period between 1973 and 1985, in the Latin American Southern Cone. According to the theories of Jameson and Terdiman, among others, we consider these discourses as an arena of social and ideological struggle. We will elucidate the ways in which these cultural texts register and articulate that struggle in relation to the social and political situation of the region. In addition, we will consider the different ways social imaginary is refracted in those aesthetical products, reconstructing the ideologies within their subtexts. Some of the following cultural expressions of the period are selected to be studied in this course: Movies/Videos: Un lugar en el mundo, Los ojos de los pájaros, Missing, La historia oficial (The Official History), La noche de los lápices, Death and the Maiden, School of Assassins, Machuca. Literary Texts: narrative by Partnoy, Galeano, Traba, Benedetti, Valenzuela, Dorfman; poetry by Benedetti, Rosencof, Gelman, La canción de los presos (Anonymous). Lyrics: by D. Viglietti, M. Sosa, V. Jara, L. Gieco, Sting, among others.

Prerequisite: SPA 302 or 303; and either SPA 310 or 350. This course fulfills the Art/Lit requirement.