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SPA 423 Latin American Modern Short Story (3 credits)

This course includes the reading of short stories and nouvelle within the boundaries of a social and ideological framework. The (re)construction of national identities through modern narrative discourse and the development of a Latin American identity in general will be discussed in this course. Authors: Darío, Quiroga, Felisberto Hernández, Borges, Bioy Casares, Mujica Láinez, Cortázar, Onetti, Poniatowska, Rulfo, Carpentier, Garciá Márquez, Galeano, Haroldo Conti, L. Padura Fuentes, R. Arenas, Irma Verolín, M. L.Valenzuela, R. Ferré, Zoé Valdés, A. Somers, Benedetti, Peri-Rossi, etc. Students’ tasks may include: journal of critical readings; mid-term and final exams; final research paper.

Prerequisite: SPA 310.. This course fulfills the Art/Lit requirement.