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SPA 425 Imagery of the Conquest: Indigenous and Mestizo Perspectives (3 credits)

Most official histories of early contact between Europeans and Amerindians in Latin America will present a Eurocentric version of American reality. This course will explore Amerindian and mestizo perspectives as expressed through a variety of texts, such as narrative, poetry and song, illustrations and painting, maps, uprisings, and other forms of expression. The objective is to better understand pre-Colombian civilizations and the effects of European colonization on Amerindian cultures. The course will analyze how Amerindian and mestizo subjects authorize their voices, represent their own unique identities, and respond to the cultural changes brought about through conquest and colonization.

Prerequisites: SPA 302 or 303 and at least one other SPA cours at the 300-400 Level. It would be helpful though not required that the student have some kind of introduction to Latin America Prior to or concurrent with this course. This course satisfies the Art/Lit and the Non-Western Studies requirements.