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SPA 431 Commonplaces of Colonial Experience (3 credits)

In this course students think about how various spaces became places through human experience in Colonial Spanish America. They engage in reflective discussion about the physical conditions, value systems, beliefs and politics that created such places and, in some cases, have changed their meaning over time. They explore the dynamics of spaces endowed with different values by different peoples at different times. Through these discussions students think about some commonplaces of colonial experience, as well as the experience of colonial legacies and colonial places in the 21st century.

Prerequisites: SPA 302 or 303 and at least one other SPA course at the 300 or 400 level. It would be helpful though not required that the student have some kind of introduction to Latin America prior to or concurrent with this course.

This course satisfies the Art/Lit and the Non-Western Area Studies requirements.