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SPA 460 A Linguistic Approach to Oral Communication: Analysis and Practice (3 credits)

In this course, we will analyze communication from a linguistic perspective and also focus on the development of advanced oral communication skills. Drawing on current research in the field of linguistics (including discourse analysis, cross-cultural communication, semantics, pragmatics, etc.) we will explore various aspects of "communication" as well as study methods used to investigate oral communication. Significant class time will also be devoted to the continued development of students’ own communicative competence and oral language proficiency. Students will engage in activities aimed at developing their interpersonal and presentational communicative skills. This course will be beneficial to students who are majoring or minoring in Spanish as well as those who plan to use Spanish for personal or professional reasons outside the classroom. Because of its emphasis on communication skills for non-native speakers, this course is not open to native or heritage speakers of Spanish. This course also counts for a Linguistics minor.

Prerequisite: SPA 302.