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The Spanish major emphasizes the learning of both spoken and written Spanish, a sound understanding of the linguistic structures of modern Spanish, an appreciation for cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, and the ability to analyze literary texts from a variety of periods. Students may choose from a variety of offerings in Latin American or Peninsular literature, film, culture, language, and Spanish linguistics. All courses are offered in Spanish. See individual faculty members for more information.

Major in Spanish

Requires 10 SPA courses (30 credits) including:

SPA 202

Intermediate Spanish II (depending on placement)

SPA 301 or 303

Spanish Conversation (depending on placement)

SPA 302 or 304

Spanish Composition (Heritage speakers of Spanish having completed SPA 303 complete a SPA elective in place of SPA 302.)

SPA 310

Introduction to Literatures of the Spanish-Speaking World

SPA 380

Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

1 of the following 4 SPA courses:

SPA 350

Introduction to Latin American Cultures

SPA 351*

Introduction to Spanish Cultures

SPA 355

Río de la Plata: Study Tour

SPA 356*

Spain: Study Tour

*A student may count only one of these two courses toward the major or minor.

The remaining SPA credits must include at least 2 4xx level SPA courses

Requires 3 Integrative Learning (IL) GEP courses (9 credits) including:

LIN 101

Introduction to Linguistics

2 of the following courses:

LIN 280, 317, 340, 401, 470

EDU 357

HIS 203, 204, 301, 302, 303, 304, 359

POL 331

THE 356

Other IL courses specifically courses that focus on some aspect of the Spanish-speaking world may be approved if deemed appropriate by the Spanish major advisor. Beginning with the class of 2016, Spanish majors will be required to complete an ACTFL certified proficiency test. A fee (to be paid directly to the testing service) will be required. For more information, see http// See Dr. Heather Hennes or Dr. Carmen Faccini for more information about the major.