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Specialized Marketing Focus

Students who wish to enhance their Marketing training in a specific area may use their upper level MKT electives to take additional courses in these disciplines.

Advertising and Promotions Courses:

MKT 312

Selling and Sales Management

MKT 314

Marketing in a Digital World

MKT 321


MKT 324

Public Relations and Publicity

MKT 325

Fundamentals of Applied Design

MKT 326

Media Now

Entertainment Marketing Courses:

MKT 341

Music Marketing

MKT 342

Music and Entertainment Law

MKT 343

Entertainment Marketing

MKT 350

Event Marketing

Sports Marketing Courses:

MKT 351

Business of Sports

MKT 352

Sports Law

MKT 353

Sports Marketing

MKT 354

Business of Baseball

MKT 355

Sports Sales & Selling

MKT 356

Sports Media

MKT 357

Sports Facilities & Game Day Experience

MKT 358

College Athletics: Administration & Marketing

MKT 359

Ethical Issues in Sports Marketing

MKT 360

Sports Agencies & Corporate Consulting

MKT 361

Sports Licensing

MKT 370

Special Topics in Sports Marketing