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Summer Courses

Degree credit is granted for courses taken in summer sessions through the College of Professional and Liberal Studies and the Haub Degree Completion Program only when the student has secured in advance written permission from the appropriate Dean. Summer school courses that are a part of the GEP or major course requirements must be taken at Saint Joseph’s University unless the course is not being offered that summer and is necessary for a student to maintain normal academic progress or the proper sequence of courses in his or her major field of study. Such courses, as well as elective courses, must be taken at a four-year college. Permission from the appropriate Dean to register for summer courses at Saint Joseph’s or at other institutions is ordinarily sought during the pre-registration period of the spring semester.

The approved uses of summer session courses for matriculated students are as follows:

  • to make up academic deficiencies, i.e., courses failed or not completed during a regular semester;
  • to make up course deficits, i.e., additional courses needed as result of change of major, or, in some instances, transfer;
  • to enrich the student’s educational program; or
  • to reduce the student’s course load in an ensuing semester.

Permission to register for summer courses does not constitute permission to accelerate a degree program. For all students registered in our day colleges, the maximum number of courses allowed for any one summer will normally be two. For exceptional reasons, the Dean may grant permission for a third course. Registration and payment for summer courses are governed by the regulations and procedures of the summer sessions.